• Manufacturers and Systems Providers of the Batteries and Energy Storage Sector
  • Manufacturers and Systems Providers of the Renewable Energies Sector
  • Systems Integrators for Batteries
  • Energy Storage Systems and E-Mobility
  • Utility Companies
  • Grid Operators
  • Municipalities, Public Institutions
  • Energy Trading Companies
  • RE Power Plants operators
  • Planners and Installers
  • Commercial energy officers
  • Developers, real estate industry, cooperative building associations
  • Planners and Operators of UPS and back-up Power Systems
  • Manufacturers of special-purpose Vehicles
  • OEM’s in the Automotive Industry


  • Discover the latest technologies, equipment and solutions offered by leading global manufacturers.
  • Learn about the latest innovations, trends and environment friendly technology solutions in the field.
  • Equip yourself with the necessary requirements to improve the level of production and services of your new products.
  • Open direct channels of communication with hundreds of international and local companies participating at the show.
  • Identify your business needs and potential prospects by watching presentations about the showcased products and services.

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